SPINA 500 Lumen Dual Color Laser Flashlight Red/Blue Laser Suction Rechargeable Battery Pistol Light


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Product name: Pistol type compact red and blue laser combination lamp

Material: Metal

Color: Red and Blue

Brand: SPINA

Function: Laser and flashlight

Packaging: PC laser flashlight

Output: 5mW 500 lumens

Type: Suction charging

Operating temperature: 0 to 120 ° F

Laser spot: 20mm @ 50m

Lens: Sealed shockproof glass with high light transmission

USB charging: 2 hours full charge, working voltage 4.2 V

Application: With standard Picatinny rail

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Red and Blue Beams for Gun with Flashlight: The 3-in-1 Pistol Laser Combo provides a 500 lumen bright white LED flashlight with a stable turn-on strobe mode and a high visibility distance of 200-250 meters. Class A powerful red beam and unique blue beam, 5mW, 445-520nm, maximum range: 2000-2500 m.
Lightweight and Compact: The Pistol Flashlight Laser Combo is made of high-strength aviation aluminum and is ultra-compact to resist heavy recoil. 1 meter impact test and laser alignment prior to shipment to guarantee impact resistance and durability.
Fast charging: The built-in battery can be charged via USB and takes only 2 hours to fully charge. Running time: red or blue laser only-6 hours, flashlight only-1 hour, red and blue laser and flashlight-45-50 minutes. When the battery is less than 10%, the battery indicator will turn red to remind you to charge.
Fits most rail pistols: The Gun Laser Combo is compatible with Picatinny rails and most pistols (rail clearance greater than 1 inch). A hex wrench is provided in the package for easy adjustment of the height and offset of the laser.



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